The Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity

PACH is an emerging think and do tank, funded by the NoVo Foundation and based at New York University, that aims to bring together the science and practice that underscore our common humanity in order to create a more just and humane society.




From Our Members

  • Response to Rising Mortality Rates for Working-Class Whites

    Paul Krugman notes, "In our increasingly self-obsessed American culture, we have sacrificed our communities and close friendships for our “selfies”..."
  • Violence does not come naturally to men and boys

    The vast majority of people who kill and commit acts of violence are men, but it would be wrong to assume that men are hardwired to harm others, says Gary Barker
  • Beyond the Stereotypical Image of Young Men of Color

    At a time when young black and brown men are regularly stereotyped, silenced, and blamed for the oppression they face, American culture needs develop ways to embrace these young men as they are—not as they are made to be. Change first and foremost lies wi
  • Stories of Human Connection Sweep Across Media

    In two weeks, a commercial advertising a basic Google tool, the search feature, has already had over 8 million views on YouTube. What would make a commercial without talking hamsters or crass humor so popular? It seems it is the story of friendship…
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Relevant Materials

  • What Does the Internet Do to Our Memories?

    What Does the Internet Do to Our Memories?
    Social media has the power to “undermine the coherence between our real, lived lives and memories,” Dr. Richard Sherry, a founding member of the Society for Neuropsychoanalysis.
  • Braving Ebola

    Braving Ebola
    “I have dreams in the middle of the night, waking up in the ebola ward as a patient. I’ve had dreams where I’m in the ward without any gear, just standing there in my pants and shirt. But I like getting up in the morning, and I like coming here. I think w
  • How Talking To Strangers Can Transform Your Life

    How Talking To Strangers Can Transform Your Life
    “I’m asking that you be more present and you be more aware,” he said. “I’m asking that you think about who the extras are in the movie of your life. I’m asking that you introduce yourself to your neighbors. I’m asking that instead of saying ‘What do you d
  • 10 pictures you may need to show your kids. But I really hope you don't have to.

    10 pictures you may need to show your kids. But I really hope you don't have to.
    “To my unborn son, you are more than statistics, gold chains, and sexual conquest. Embrace your humanity.”
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  • Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. - E.M. Forster

  • People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. - Nelson Mandela

  • Getting old is the second-biggest surprise of my life, but the first, by a mile, is our unceasing need for deep attachment - Roger Angell on turning 93

  • But we can do better. We can be unafraid to move not only beyond male-female dichotomies, but also beyond an insistence on any hard-and-fast fixed categories. What, after all, is there to fear? We are all human; we live and love. - Barbara J. King

  • We need to tear down these disciplinary silos and have an honest discussion about humanity. It’s the only way we’ll ever make any progress in the study of race and racism. - Dorothy Roberts