PACHworks / Community-based Interventions

PACH Interventions

Through our work in the community, we apply the science of human connection to create and evaluate our efforts toward addressing the crisis of connection.

The Listening Project

The Listening Project, part of PACH at NYU, trains students, teachers, and community members in a semi-structured method called transformative interviewing. The goal of the project is to enhance listening skills, empathy, trust, academic engagement, and achievement as well as disrupt stereotypes and build relationships across differences within and across school communities.

For more information about the Listening Project, please contact the Director, Holly Van Hare at

Middle and High School Partnerships

The Listening Project has partnered with 10 middle and high schools across New York City. We have trained over 100 teachers and 1000 students across various subject areas including English, Humanities, and Social Studies. The Listening Project has worked in individual classrooms in the past and has since developed a whole-school approach wherein all school staff and students are trained in our method of transformative interviewing with the goal of whole-school transformation.

The Boy’s Club of New York

PACH has partnered with The Boys’ Club of New York to train youth leaders and members in the Listening Project.

Listening Project Workshops at NYU Steinhardt

PACH partnered with NYU Steinhardt to integrate the Listening Project into their school-wide programming. The Listening Project was offered to three groups of NYU administrators, faculty, and students in January 2021, and participants in the workshop have been encouraged to integrate concepts from the Listening Project into their courses and advising sessions.

Listening Project Undergraduate Course

The Listening Project will be offered as an undergraduate course that trains students in the practice of transformative interviewing, a research method used to disrupt stereotyping and to foster connection.

Listening Project at NYU Abu Dhabi and Ethiopia

The Listening Project has been taught as an undergraduate course internationally at NYU Abu Dhabi and in Ethiopia in participation with the Ethiopian Education Foundation.

The We Are Human Campaign

The We Are Human Campaign is a collection of video self-portraits and interviews that reveal our common humanity. The campaign has been conducted in Abu Dhabi, NYU Stern Business School, and with police officers and community members throughout five communities in California.